Who We Are

The officers of the Shaker Heights Teachers' Association serve a two-year term. The next election for officers is scheduled for May, 2015.The Executive Board includes the officers, the immediate Past President, and the appointed Chairs of the standing committees. These appointments are made by the President.

The Building Representatives are elected each year. There shall be one Building Representative elected for each twenty members in each building with the minimum number of one Representative per building. To serve in a leadership position, a teacher must be tenured and have been an Association member for the three year immediately preceding the election.


President - John L. Morris


John L. Morris is a High School English teacher who has worked in Shaker since 1997. Prior to becoming president, he served as SHTA Publications Editor and previously as a High School Building Representative. Dr. Morris enjoys reading, writing, travelling and music. John and his wife, Maryann, live in the district and have two children in the Shaker Schools.

  • Building: High School
  • Phone: (216) 295-6033
  • E-mail: Morris_J@shaker.org

Vice-President - Darlene Garrison


Darlene E. Garrison is a sixth grade teacher at Woodbury Elementary where she teaches science. She joined the Shaker Heights City Schools in 1994. Ms. Garrison is also a product of the Shaker City School District. Darlene has held leadership roles for the association for many years. Prior to serving as the Vice President of SHTA, she was the Secretary, Social Chairperson, a member of the negotiating team and building rep for Woodbury. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and enjoys spending time with family/friends. Darlene lives in Shaker with her three children and two dogs.

  • Building: Woodbury
  • Phone: (216) 295-4997
  • E-mail: garrison_d@shaker.org

Secretary - Lisa Hardiman


Lisa M. Hardiman is a third-grade teacher at Mercer Elementary School. She joined the Shaker Heights City School District in 1995 and became an SHTA member at that time. Lisa has served the association as an alternate, a building representative, and as a head representative for the members at Mercer. Lisa was then appointed by Dr. John Morris to the position of Teacher Education Chair on the executive board of SHTA. During 2020-2021, Lisa served as interim vice president for the association and was awarded the President’s Service Award that same year. She now serves as secretary of SHTA. Lisa and her husband Donnie, a teacher at Shaker Heights High School, live in nearby Beachwood with their daughter Marley.

  • Building: Mercer Elementary
  • Phone: (216) 295-4867
  • E-mail: hardiman_l@shaker.org

Treasurer - Bill Scanlon


William Scanlon is a Science teacher at Shaker Heights High School. He joined the Shaker teaching staff in 1996 and, after serving as a building representative and head of the Policy committee, was elected Treasurer of the S.H.T.A. in 2005. When at school Mr. Scanlon enjoys his role as advisor to the Youth Ending Hunger/Interact student volunteer club. Bill received the SHTA President's Service Award in 2013. During his time off he enjoys basketball, hockey, camping and canoeing. Bill and his wife, Woodbury teacher Jackie Conway, have three children in the Shaker schools.

  • Building: High School
  • Phone: (216) 295-6296
  • E-mail: Scanlon_W@shaker.org

Executive Board




Phone (216)


Legal AidJames SchmidtHigh School(216) 295-6297 schmidt_j@shaker.org
LegislativeDavid KlapholzHigh School(216) 295-6126 Klapholz_D@shaker.org
MembershipChante ThomasWoodbury(216) 295-5601 Thomas_C@shaker.org
PolicyTim KalanOnaway(216) 295-4970 Kalan_T@shaker.org
Professional Rights And Responsibilites/GrievancesMike SearsMiddle School(216) 295-4770 Sears_M@shaker.org
Public RelationsRobert BognarWoodbury(216) 295-4973 Bognar_R@shaker.org
Salary TenureJohn MorrisHigh School(216) 295-6033 Morris_J@shaker.org
SocialDarlene GarrisonWoodbury(216) 295-4997 garrison_d@shaker.org
PublicationsAndrew GlasierHigh School(216) 295-6168 Glasier_A@shaker.org
Teacher EducationWendy Lewis Woodbury(216) 295-5549 Lewis_G@shaker.org
EvaluationLena PaskewitzFernway(216) 295-4874 Paskewitz_L@shaker.org
Diversity, Equity, & InclusionAngela GoodrumWoodbury(216) 295-5525 goodrum_a@shaker.org
Building Safety & Sick Day TransferMatt ZuccaFernway(216) 295-4692 zucca_m@shaker.org
Special EducationTito VazquezHigh School(216) 295-4891 vazquez_t@shaker.org

Representative Council


Cathy Grieshop head rep
Stacy Stroller alt


Selena Boyer  head rep


Kelly Grahl head rep
Shifa Isaacs alt


Eileen Sweeney head rep


Noreen Smyth-Morrow head rep


Linda Roth head rep




Stacey DeYoung head rep
Aquita Shepherd rep
Melissa Albrecht rep
Lee Appel alt


John Koppitch head rep
Erika Pfeiffer  rep
Matt Klodor rep


Jessica O'Brien head rep
Brian Berger rep
Tod Torrence rep
Aimee Grey rep
Enid Vasquez rep
Adam Cohen rep
Joel Rathbone alt